My work tends to focus on the female relationships, complexities of emotion, and feelings within the family dynamic. Everything can inspire me: something from older phases or processes, an image in the Internet, the photos I take during vacations, a film, magazines. I like to explore many subjects: people on streets, abstracts of fruits and seasons, masks of Venice Carnival, cities that I have lived or not. Sometimes my work is figurative, spanning in style from representational to abstract and is sometimes a combination of both. Each project often consists of multiple works, often in a range of different media, grouped around specific themes and meanings. I’m interested in capturing daily aspects of life, inside or outside my home.

My palette is both delicate and vibrant, capturing a glimpse of strong, yet subtle female feelings. My view of the female psyche is represented by clouds and drips of paint, which highlight the rich texture of the canvas. I enjoy using natural powder pigments that allow me to play with shadows and light, which I find to be transformative in and of themselves. The colors interact to alter the final results of the painting, forming details which are often completely unexpected.  I am fascinated by how the colors and forms of my paintings transport me to different parts of my own life journey.


2 thoughts on “

  1. Renzo

    Parabéns, Susana! Lembro até hoje de uma pintura sua (ou seria um desenho colorido?) de uma maçã ou laranja em primeiríssimo plano, de maneira que a imagem se tornava quase abstrata. Era predominantemente vermelho ou cor de abóbora o quadro, mas não me lembro da ocasião nem de quando foi isso, perdoe-me.
    Tua arte me deu essa imagem, que até hoje carrego comigo com muito carinho. Grato!

    1. Susana Rapallo Post author

      Oi Renzo. Sim fiz uma série sobre maças e depois explorei as maças podres, série que chamei de Rotten Apples. Até deixei maças apodrecendo para ver como era. Obrigada pelo comentário. Beijos


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