Hard not to hate men

SRapallo, Untitled, oil on Canson paper 290gm, 33cm x 41 cm, 2021.

This is not a recent thought for me, but it got really aggravated after the episode in Afghanistan. My question is

why do men hate women so, so much?

Have you ever thought about this? Really… they hate women, they use and abuse women, they rape them, they think they possess them, they commit constant violence against them, they always want to control them, even their thoughts. Men vote laws about abortion, about if they can study, wear this or that, wear a burqa or not. They earn more than women, the household duties are not equally divided, they normally put their career before anything else and you have to deal with the children … Again, the list is long. The list is long, too long for my taste, you know!

Not every man is like this, but if you give them enough power and a gun in their hands… DONE! You will soon discover what kind of man he really is. Sometimes they look like a bunch of primates trying to win an argument just by screaming louder. We can easily see their performance in movies, the guy who just lost control and use his testosterone power to be violent and input a law – his law, under his roof, most of the time.

Religious extremists in command. The most dangerous type, they are ruling again in Afghanistan, but not only there, other countries too. They decide everything in this world and in the next one too because they control both. They control life, death, your soul, your destiny (Your only destiny is to serve them), what you dress, if you can use makeup or not, if you can study or not, get out or not, watch tv? nope, Music? nope. Friends? of course not. Money??? Forget about it.. are you crazy?? Who do you think you are? Or better, what do you think you are? You are just a slave, forget anything else!!

Thinking about what is happening now in that middle eastern part of our world, I depicted women like they are nothing but stones, no feelings, no pain, no gain, no nothing but fear… they are not invisible, they just are hard as rocks. The women’s path in life is far worse than men’s path, we all know that. But those poor women in Afghanistan now are in big, big trouble. That is so sad. I feel sad for them, I’m an empathic human being.

Let’s see some other types in a closer look.

The Brutally violent. The worst kind of primate-man. The rapists, the abusers, the domestic violence, the policemen, the pedophiles, the psychopaths that infest our society. The live in a dark web of the world. Sick people, nothing to contribute to our life, just want to destroy it, because they are just losers.

The Narcissists. They are a degenerated type of primate-man. They manipulate, they play this sick mind game to make you feel guilty even if you are the victim, and you are the victim, don’t be deluded. They use constant criticism to gaslight you. They feed on you, they suck-up your energy little by little. There’s no cure for them!! Just RUN and use the “no contact rule” no matter what. Pack your things and get out, no regrets leaving behind a type like this.

The Incompetents at work. We see some types like that at work constantly. They normally have the audacity to explain your work to you. He’s normally less good at this job, but they have the ability to pretend to be the boss, even if they don’t understand shit what you are talking about. They are just idiots, but they can do damage to you if they need. If YOU do a good job it’s because of him (Of course) but if you don’t do it right, you are the only one to blame. Classical!!! Those incompetents think they are awesome, they take advantage of you, they quickly create a more informal tone when addressing to you, like calling you “darling”, “sweetheart”… etc, and by doing this they just want to diminish your professional qualities and just put you in a condition of a small child or a pet. I absolutely hate when someone calls me “my darling “.

Stupid ignorant assholes! There are many more running free out there! We can observe this type of primate-man everywhere, at the gas station, at traffic lights, at the bank, in supermarkets… they just have this illusion that their time is more precious than yours, they have a million excuses to just pass you on a paying line just because he thinks he is the best.

I’m getting old, tired of the same shit I think. There were, no, there ARE some great men in my life, great role models of character, honor, love, compassion, understanding, friendship and caring men. That’s a blessing I’m sure. I was never beaten or raped by men, but I was sometimes used and abused in various situations. Some little disregard, now and then?

Our lives changed so much because of the pandemic. Why can’t we be more compassionate as human beings after all this virus destroying families, works, economies, countries? Can’t men be better than this?

Can you?

6 thoughts on “Hard not to hate men

  1. Eric Wayne

    I was just thinking something about this yesterday. It may be a bit simplistic to think of someone as a man or woman. Rather, it is a person in the circumstances of being a man or a woman. And it may be that the weaker person, the more selfish and self-centered, will take advantage of the circumstances of being a man in order to subjugate women, etc. Anyone with power over others will be tempted to abuse it, regardless of gender, but men are generally born with more physical strength, and into a higher station within respective cultures. The man that hurts women, or seeks to suppress them, doesn’t really understand what it is to be human. Most of us are underdeveloped metaphoric souls, and in men that’s going to be quite a bit uglier than the same soul in a woman. So, if you are selfish, and don’t care about the plight of others, this is just going to be a lot more apparent in men if everything else is equal. Women in positions of power can abuse men under them as well. It’s our psyches that are the real problem, not our bodies, and our minds are invisible, immaterial things.

    That said, I definitely agree that men have treated women abominably over the ages.

    1. Susana Rapallo Post author

      Thanks Eric, for commented on my post. I agree that not only men are abusers, women can be abusers pretty well too. I liked your idea of human being is like “an underdeveloped metaphoric souls”. We all need to build a better society, with equal rights, no racism, no discrimination of any kind, but unfortunately, we are far away from this ideal society.

      1. Eric Wayne

        When we think that way — that the big problems are to do with the various isms — then who do we see as responsible? Is there an enemy?

        Significantly, the plausible enemy that is responsible is not the ruling elite, but rather the average citizen. I’ve lived and worked in 5 countries, and everywhere outside of the West, it’s pretty much understood that all the real problems in society stem from the ruling elite, corruption, and the great gulfs between the rulers and everyone else. In America, a tiny percentage of the population — the proverbial 1% — has more than everyone else put together. What is the real problem with society, then?

      2. Susana Rapallo Post author

        My actual point of discussion is not on 1% of ruling people with money and the rest of the world with no money. But it’s an excellent point of discussion. The affordability of health care and drug addiction is at the top of the American public’s list followed by, economic inequality, climate change, racism, illegal immigration, terrorism and sexism. There we are… last but not least!

        Mostly women are worried about sexism and oppression, there is a silent fight in east countries about those culture set standards for women. Stereotypes such as women being the housewife while the husband goes to work.

        Like you, I’ve lived and worked in 6 countries and I speak almost 5 languages (my Italian is very basic). But I’m retired now. I lived in China for 4 years and the Millennials don’t want to get married and have children…not even one, the limit set up by politicians years ago.

      3. Eric Wayne

        I lived in China, too, for about the same length of time.

        I see you have a broader agenda than I first realized, which is a good thing. I get the impression that people are distracted from some of the real issues, even the most crucial ones, by some fashionable new discourses which can inflate minutia out of all proportions, and manifest out of thin air the same problems they ostensibly seek to solve.

        But, surely the sexism in the East is backwards as all hell. I intervened in a couple vicious episodes of domestic violence which happened to spill into the street while living in China. And there’s the organ harvesting from the prisoners of conscience that goes on there. I mean, there’s horrible stuff going on that needs no degree in linguistics to appreciate the magnitude of. Glad you seem to have it all in perspective.

        And you’re right, the hideous oppression of women and girls continues to this day in large swathes of the planet and is unconscionable.

  2. Susana Rapallo Post author

    Sometimes I think that we are failing as human society. We are suppose to live better, work less, enjoy life more often, have less worries about health, money…. don’t know! But no, there always wars, plague, racism, social injustice, prejudice, crazy people, violence…. Money is never enough, happiness is always far distant and unattainable.


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